Knowledge dissemination has its own unique problems

Government and large insurers face a similar problem in dealing with the public – the knowledge they hold about some specific aspect of law, regulation or policy is precise and technical, it may exist over many pages or in different documents.  The member of the public isn’t going to research the area, and may lack the vocabulary to be able to ask directly for what they need.

A call centre may serve as an interface, but if the answer needs to be crafted for the particular person and cannot be read from a script, this introduces the problem of limited knowledge on the part of the responder.

Turning the relevant text into a semantic structure (including modifiers for a particular person or situation) allows knowledge to be disseminated at the appropriate level of complexity.

We have already addressed similar problems of knowledge dissemination in the Health Care area – in general, outside of Health Care would expect more underlying calculation for a specific case and less medical expertise (tens of thousands of medicla concepts).

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